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EPL 2015-16 Preview: What will the Top of the Table Look Like
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  The English Premier League has begun, and that means one thing: a lot of excitement for the next 10 months. It hasn’t begun well for some teams, like Arsenal, but there are 36 games left and lots of chances to recuperate and live up to the expectations of their fans. Here is our forecast about the top of the table.

Best Case Scenario: Arsenal manages to win the title for the first time in 11 years due to a healthy squad.
Worst Case Scenario: Another season where the Gunners are plagued by injuries and struggle to remain in the top four. Two consecutive FA Cup titles might be the perfect motivation for Arsenal this year, although they have had a very rough start. Despite all, Wenger’s boys are now in for the taste of the Premier League trophy, which none of them has tasted before. Last season Arsenal was troubled in three positions: keeper, defensive midfielder and striker. The keeper position has been solved with Cech, and it remains to see if Wenger will truly want to get Benzema.

Best Case Scenario: Consecutive champions.
Worst Case Scenario: Second or third place. The most important figure in Chelsea’s fight this season will be Eden Hazard and whether he can win the PFA Player of the Year award again. Another important figure will be Terry and whether he will be able to not let his years get in the way of his performance. The Blues are strong enough to just waltz their way towards the title, but they have a strong opponent in Manchester City. Luckily, Chelsea has the best manager in the world that sometimes likes to park the bus in front of the goal, but also star players like Diego Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Terry etc.
EPL 2015-16 Preview Top of Table Eden Hazard

Manchester City
Best Case Scenario: The Citizens demolish their opponents and regain the title.
Worst Case Scenario: A disappointing season with a top four finish and search for a new manager. If Aguero didn’t injure his hamstring last year, the end table would be very different. If it wasn’t for Aguero, the Citizens wouldn’t be an actual challenge to Chelsea. Hopefully, Aguero will stay healthy all season long, and Kompany will be able to hold down the backline. Toure and Sterling will have a great influence on the team, so it’s very difficult not to imagine City lifting up the trophy.

Manchester United
Best Case Scenario: Van Gaal manages to give United back its old glory.
Worst Case Scenario: Another desperate season, although unlikely. In reality, things are looking great for Manchester United considering the squad depth and the class of players. Although some doubt that Schweinsteiger can make it in the Premier League due to his years, he will add strength to the squad. Schneiderlin too. He can add some poise and steel to the midfield. It is only a question if Memphis Depay will live up to the expectations of the public and win the PFA Player of the Year award. If so, Manchester United fans will feel once again the glory of Sir Alex’s days. It will be interesting to see if Van Gaal can get Kane on a transfer, a player United desperately needs.
EPL 2015-16 Preview Top of Table Harry Kane

Best Case Scenario: Top 4 finish.
Worst Case Scenario: The new signings fail to impress and Liverpool plunges down struggling to qualify for Europe. By the look at their transfer market activity, it was evident that Liverpool was looking to bolster its squad in order to become dangerous again. If Liverpool wants to get back to the top 4, Benteke, Firmino and Milner will have to play to their best of abilities. Everybody suspects that Benteke has the quality to play for a club bigger than Aston Villa, and now he has the chance to prove them wrong. Milner can play whatever is asked of him, while Firmino will have to prove that Brazilians can play in the Premier League too.

Best Case Scenario: Kane becomes one of the best players in the league.
Worst Case Scenario: Kane regresses and Tottenham doesn’t qualify for Europe. It’s all about Kane in this squad. If Tottenham loses Kane to a transfer, injury or he simply starts to regress, Tottenham can’t expect much. Harry Kane needs to successfully follow up on his last year. Also, players like Lamela, Eriksen and Chadli have to be good enough to help him achieve that. All the Spurs need is to defeat all the lesser teams and play well against the bigger ones.

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